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guys!!! read thiss!

isnin , (13.5.2012) 
adalah hari exam pertengahan tahun AKU,hmm, :) I hope.. I can do the Best!! btw PRAY for me.. :p

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Seung Ri (BIGBANG)

Seung Ri (BIGBANG)


승리 V.I.

@about SeUnGrI

SeungRi Profile

Stage Name: SeungRi (승리); V.I.
Real Name: Lee SeungHyun (이승현)
Position: Lead Vocals, Main Dancer, Maknae
Birthdate: December 12, 1990
Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea
Height: 176cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: A
Religion: Christian (Protestant)
Language/s: Korean (fluent), Japanese (conversational), English (conversational)
Hobbies: singing, dancing, learning languages
Sibling/s: HaNa (younger sister)
Official Facebook Page: -
Official Twitter Page (CLICK)
Official me2day Page (CLICK)
Years Active: 2006 – present
School: ChungAng University (2010 – 2012); Gukje Digital University
- He first realized he wanted to be a singer when he was younger, and watched a Britney Spears and N Sync joint concert on TV.
- He used to sleep diagonally to avoid G-Dragon cause he’s always holding him. In doing so, Daesung gets pushed into the corner.
- He was a contestant on Battle ShinHwa who was cut from the show because he lacked the vocal skills in comparison to the others.
- Says if not for music, he would be a kindergarten teacher.
- As the youngest member, he has the least space to hang his clothes.
- As the youngest member, he has to sit at the seat way back when Big Bang ride a car.
- As the youngest member, he picks out clothes last after the other members.
- As the youngest member, on progams he has to wear the clothes the other members don’t want to wear.
- He likes likes petite and sweet girls who have charms and a cute style.
- One time he secretly wrote something positive about himself on Big Bang’s fan cafe, when he read something bad written about him.

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all seungri

about seungri

Lee Seung-hyun (Hangul: 이승현; born December 12, 1990), known by his stage nameSeungri or V. I. (Hangul: 승리; lit. victory), is a South Korean singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, model, record producer and composer, who is best known as a member of popular South Korean boy group Big Bang. Before joining the group, he was a member and leader of a dance team in Gwangju.[1] He first appeared on television on the reality television series Let's Cokeplay: M.Net Battle Shinhwa, a show in which Shinhwa attempted to create a boy band that could be a "second Shinhwa".[2] Although he was noticed for his dance skills, his lack of vocal skills at the time led to his elimination. He was later scouted by the record label YG Entertainment and joined the group Big Bang. Although he was initially cut on the ninth episode of the group's documentary series, he was given another chance to impress YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk and succeeded in becoming a member of Big Bang.[3] Seungri released his first album "VVIP" in 2011.
this is real seungRI!

the leader n the vocalist

hello guys,, n nur farhanah, cube teka seungri ngan sape tu ye?? 

bigbang at Stadium Merdeka

alive tour bigbang 2012.My freinds Aishah is watching this in real at Stadium Merdeka but im just stay here
 :( ,,

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Thanks hanah :)

Im very happy.. thanks to my cousin Nur Farhanah because you always help me. :)